Restore Your Core

Restore your Core

Why do you need it?


We all know motherhood is physically demanding – so you need to prepare and train for it. It’s the life stage where you need to be at your strongest and fittest. You need to keep up with all the lifting of babies and toddlers, pram pushing and running after kids.


And yet, it’s actually the time when your body is at its weakest – post-pregnancy bodies have been through a lot so you must make sure you train it up and build your strength to cope with the increased demands of daily life.


We don’t want you to worry about the urge to pee or an aching back again. We want you to feel fit and vibrant.



What is the program?


The Restore Your Core program is a 4-week program

to kick-start your recovery and fitness post-baby and

includes weekly class and video resources designed to help you rebuild your core after pregnancy and beyond.

Class outline: Wednesdays 10am Centennial park

9:50am   Arrive and get a warm friendly welcome
10am      Class begins with warm up stretches

10:05am We begin our core restore workout
10:25am We start a light bodyweight strength workout 

10:40am Stretch

10:45am Class finishes - Coffee time! 

The weekly workout will be sent to you by email and posted on our private facebook page for you to do at home agin in your own time. Our private Facebook page will include lots of recourses, recipes, tips and support.


This program is designed for postnatal mums and women of any age who would like to regain their pelvic floor and core strength after having children. 


This Program can help you:

  • Strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles

  • Alleviate back pain

  • Improve your abdominal tone

  • Perfect your posture

  • Restorative in nature, safe for most postnatal mums

  • Lay the foundations for a fit, strong body

  • Help you understand how to support your body to make it work better!

What you get in the 4 week program 


√ 1 x weekly class for 4 weeks

√ Access to our private facebook group

√ Weekly core exercise teaching videos 

√ Recipe Books and nutrition advice

√ Support from your dedicated trainer 

√ Be part of a community of like minded Mums

√ Sign up before Friday 17th June to receive your welcome goodie bag

Book now for the earlybird price $99 (normally $129)

Ready to sign up? 


So if you’re a postnatal mum or woman of any age who would like to regain their pelvic floor and core strength after having children, this course is definitely for you.


It’s for any woman who wants to recover safely from pregnancy and delivery (and in the right way). 


In fact, it’s the perfect first step for mums and their recovery. 


A strong core can help set you up for daily life, gives you body confidence and lets you live life to the fullest.


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