Aug 13, 2021 - Oct 11, 2021

Drop A Dress Size 8 Week Challenge


Who wants to finish off 2020 feeling fitter, stronger and healthier?🙋🏻‍♀️ The Mums Fitness Co. Hello Summer Challenge starts Wednesday 14th October💪🏼 Are you interested in... ​> Feeling empowered and confident in your body > Improving muscle tone and strength > Training with like minded women in a supportive environment > Having more energy and a better mood > Enjoying exercise like you never thought possible! 👉🏻We are looking for ladies who are 100% committed to a huge transformation inside and out - even if you have never worked out before! 👉🏻Does this sound like something you WANT? 8 weeks from now, do you want to feel the SAME as you feel right now? 👉🏻Or do you want a proven plan with built-in accountability to help you to feel fabulous in your favourite outfit, and be proud of yourself for how you look and feel. 👉🏻You are worth it! If you are READY to make a real change in your life and experience all of this and more: √ UNLIMITED Group Training for 10 weeks √ Access to our online training group so you can train any time, anywhere! √ Low carb recipe ebook √ High Protein recipe ebook √ Plant based recipe ebook √ Meal plans √ At home workouts Ebook √ Private LBD Project Facebook Group √ Support from your dedicated trainer √ Be part of a community of like minded Mums √ This programme will help you lose weight, tone up and feel more confident!

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