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6 Week Challenge

Why should you join us on these incredible 6 weeks?

✔️ Do you want to feel great about yourself?

✔️ Do you want to wake everyday with great energy and an awesome mood?

✔️ Do you want to improve your health and fitness?


This is perfect for you if you're looking for an extra health and fitness boost … especially as we head into the warmer months!

Only $99

What's Included in our 6 week fitness training challenge

Work your way through core strengthening, muscle toning exercises that are perfect to tighten up your mum bum and tum. You are encouraged to work at your own pace and abilities.

This is YOUR workout and YOUR body

Our Meal guides and grocery lists will take the stress out of having to think about what to eat. Having structure to your week will help keep you on track and reach your goals faster!

One of the best parts about our challenges is this Private Support Group! You'll get to do this challenge with lots of other Mums just like yourself who are looking to get healthy and tone their bodies.

You'll be instantly motivated and encouraged from the moment you enter the Private Support Group because we will be waiting there with open arms to welcome you in and help get you started!

Our Health & Fitness Nutrition Plan is going to help you get amazing results eating all your favourite foods and never counting a single calorie!

How awesome is that?

This is by far our most effective nutrition plan to date, and it's so bloody enjoyable

Now more than ever, we need accountability and support. That is why I am in the support group every day answering questions, posting, supporting you, holding you accountable, sharing videos, and more! 

On top of that, I’m in the Private Support Group DAILY answering your questions, and will be just one message away if you have any questions.

And I can't wait for you to experience the Mums Fitness Co. Family!

Got Questions?

We would love to answer any questions that you have. Get in touch and we can chat!

Phone us: 0420 979 180
Email: deb@mumsfitnessco.com.au

Let me ask you a tough question...

How long have you been telling yourself you'll get in shape

  • "next year",

  • "next month" or even

  • "tomorrow?"


Now is your time!

It’s time to start doing the RIGHT and PROVEN workouts that are actually going to transform your body and goals!

Just ONE payment of $99 will get you everything you need for your total 6 week challenge.

​Let's Do This TOGETHER!

We practice what we preach here at Mums Fitness Co and we have helped hundreds of thousands of Mums get in amazing shape. I want to help you get results and KEEP them for life. This is why we are different… The results of your hard work will LAST.


ONLY $99

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If you are looking for a personal trainer who is truly dedicated, passionate to see you achieve your goals, understands when life gets in the way and actually makes the workouts work for YOU, Deb is the person to talk to. She has the unique ability to modify each and every exercise, so whether you haven’t exercised for a while or whether you are well on your way to conquering your goals, her classes are never “one size fits all”. So many PTs just turn up, go through the motions and treat you like just another person to deal with. Deb is warm, is interested in her clients overall well-being and a person who will inspire you to just be better version of you. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


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